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VI concepts knows that the heart of the house is a representation concerning people existing there. It implies a position where you consume most concerning your experience. Our Residential scheme covers broadly kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, terrace, etc. This incorporates choosing furniture, material finishes, plumbing, lighting, and so on. After thoughtfully imposing the styling including furnishing requirements of your home as well condition of every household member, Masters at VI Concept’s will confirm a theory and later tailor design the home to satisfy your demands and specifications. Here is an overview of the services that we provide:


We work together to provide the best design and specifications for your bedroom that will make living there an enchanting experience for you.

Living room

We provide great living room services including designs that will be suitable for you.

Dining Room

We understand the importance of having a good dinner time with your family, and that is why are involved in providing your dining room with the best fittings and specs available.


Taking a hot shower after a tiring day is as important as a night of sound sleep. That is why our experts focus on the best quality materials including tiles and shower fittings which will provide you with an enchanting experience altogether.

Modular Kitchen

A contemporary Indian kitchen layout has to stay beautiful along with enduring functional. Our company, vi concepts contributes a quick & utilitarian modular kitchens in hyderabad concerning your beautiful houses. People are always in search of the best quality designs and good quality hafele, and we are here to provide you with best and ultra-modern designs for your modular kitchen.

Sliding Door

Any area can be created or converted into anything, however appending space remains a challenge within itself. Closets from vi concepts present you with supplementary space within any living area. Therefore, you do not have to worry about space anymore as we have the best-in-class designs and patterns for the same.


Curtains are the sole purpose of privacy and protection. We take care of the same and help you install and establish the curtains and units related to the same.

Crookery & TV Unit

Dependent on the size of your room and your TV, we work together to create a Pleasant Viewing Pitch. Craning your neckline at uncomfortable angles for long periods of times continues a recipe concerning discomfort, therefore your modern TV units must be in a good position at the TV screen with your eye level.

False Ceiling

The Ceiling cover will improve the appearance of your room or building into something unique. We are involved in creating beautiful false ceiling designs that beautifully hung under the central ceiling. It might also be related to being a T-bar ceiling, drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, false ceiling, grid ceiling. Therefore, make sure to check out designs and patterns which will help your room look more aesthetic.


Electrical works concerning the House wiring work comprises of the most advanced electrical wiring scheme that dispenses energy to be utilized in equipment and tools around the apartment. It is additionally included in the individual installation including maintenance concerning the electrical sockets, switches, combers, meter post, and various electrical circuitry.


Polishing will change the way you look at your house. Therefore, you can check the polishing patterns and types which are offered by our experts. Modify your house the way you want and choose the best polish type which will suit the same.


We will implement various sorts of wallpapers. The Wallpaper denotes a material utilized for interior design to enhance the interior surfaces for Residential including Commercial buildings. Therefore, make sure to choose the wallpaper type accordingly.


Choose the best plumbing works for your sanitary fittings with vi concepts. Our experts provide you with the best plumbing solutions and you will be grateful to experience them. Therefore, keep this in mind and take your decision wisely.


A good painted surface will change the way you take a glance at your room. Paint your walls with the best quality plastic paint and create designs and artworks on it for a more enhanced and sophisticated look. We provide all kinds of painting services and that is why we are the one for you.

Marbles & Tiles

The Interior design remains used for heightening the center of a framework to achieve a more robust and extra aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for the characters using the area. An architect will plan and investigate, organize and execute the projects.

Wall cladding

Wall cladding will transform the appearance and taste that sliding wardrobes are designed to create a wall to resemble like it is composed of a distinctive sort of substance than its original look and texture. Therefore, choose the designs wisely and apply the same in your house.

Wooden Work

Strong and pleasing interior designs along with wooden work / wooden flooring will transform the look of your living area. We provide robust designs and ornamental fittings which will change the way you look at the house surfaces. Therefore, choose the best quality wooden work from our company.

Civil Work

We provide great and pleasing civil work. Whether it is the hafele chimney, appliances, false ceilings, wallpapers, lighting, tiles, slab or roof bar calculation, or creating a bar bending schedule, we are expert in providing all kinds of services related to the same. Therefore, make sure to keep this in mind. Choose the ideal design from us and make your project work the way you want.

AC Planning

A good plan for planning your AC placement and fitting is quite important for the aesthetics of your house. Therefore, you can check out the best services provided by our experts regarding AC planning which will transform the way you look at your house.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is very important as far as the safety of your house is concerned. Therefore, the fire hydrants and extinguishers should be placed in a systematic manner which will help you get the best advantage of the same. Our experts are committed towards working together, and thus, providing you with the best solutions.


Our excellent 3D artists aim at producing rich, graphic representations of the surface. This signifies the most popular view adopted to represent the inside appearance concerning a building. Thus, get the best quality tables and related fittings from our experts at a low cost.


It signifies the process of creating interior spaces useful, safe and attractive by determining location requirements and choosing decorative details such as luster, brightness, and supplies. Furthermore, get the best deals on partitions and take a stroll around your home like never before.


Our distinguished 3D architects aim at building rich, pragmatic images concerning the interior. This implies the most traditional view related to representing the inner aspect of construction. Therefore, choose the ideal chairs and fittings from VI Concept’s to get the best interior experience related to the same.

CC Cameras

Our great CC Cameras also provide you with the best services you need. We have experts who can transform the way you look at the same. Thus, check out our services.

Home Automation

Imagine all the devices in your daily life connects to the Internet. Not just smartphones and laptops, but everything, like lights, door locks, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, TV, A/C, speakers, cooking utensils, etc., SMART has the ability to control items around the house, from window shades to pet feeders, with a simple touch of a button or with an app either voice command.

Landscaping & Gardening

Fire Safety is very important as far as the safety of your house is concerned. Therefore, the fire hydrants and extinguishers should be placed in a systematic manner which will help you get the best advantage of the same. Our experts are committed towards working together, and thus, providing you with the best solutions.

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